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2023 IMOS IME Rates and Policies



The rate per claimant starts at $125 for Office Assistant/Office Manager.  This rate is per claimant and includes evaluation, diagnostics review, and dictation.  Extra hourly charges ($20hr) are rare but are generally due to Nerve Conduction Studies, extra long evaluations, and extended dictation time.  The min. rate of $125 per claimant will now apply to all IMOS locations.  Half Day and Full Day rates for Bend and Medford are $420 for half day, and $595 for full day.  These rates do not include any Doctor's fees.  Doctors do all their own billing which may include travel expenses.

After Hours:  Evaluations that begin at 5pm will be charged the time and a half rate of $175 per hour, the last being scheduled to begin no later than 7pm.  Also, no late evals will be scheduled on Fridays.  


A confirmation is complete when a scheduler receives this, and only this, information:

“You got it!”  Date – time – Doctor’s name – Claimant name – City of evaluation. 

i.e. 1/10 – 9am – Dr. William – Jane Doe – BEND


A late cancel is a cancellation up to 5 business days before evaluation.  Here are the rates for late cancel:

*  5 business days - $50        * 24 hours - $125

*  72 hours - $75                    * Same day/No show - full charge $125


A NO SHOW is when a claimant does not appear for his/her IME.  This will be charged the full rate of $125.  Due to the frequency of NO SHOWS some doctors in Bend have elected after the second NO SHOW of the same claimant not to reschedule that claimant or charge the full fee.  This is each doctor's preference and we will let you know if he/she has chosen to not reschedule.


Addendums require faxing, uploading of dictations, disposal of records, and additional time after IMEs have been completed.   Addendums performed that are not related to the claimants seen that day will be charged $25 per addendum along with the hourly office manager charge ($20) total: $45.  (Same as last year)

PHONE CONFERENCE: $25 up to 30 min, $20 Office Charge. Total: $45 (Same as last year)

DEPOSITION:  Same as IME $135 per hour for room rental.

DOCTOR'S LUNCH: If your claimant is scheduled over the lunch hour you will be charged $20 for the doctor's lunch if he/she orders one.  



All records and diagnostics are to be sent directly to each doctor's home address unless otherwise specified.  Doctor's fees and travel expenses are to be paid directly to the doctor and sent to his/her home address.  Travel expenses can be divided when two or more companies have claimants scheduled for a traveling doctor.  The doctor does all his own billing.  IMOS is not responsible for doctor's fees, payments, or billing.  When applicable Eugene office has a $10 parking fee that we refund to claimants who have paid the fee.  This is then billed to IME company.


Last minute only diagnostics can be UPS'd or Fed Ex'd to the IMOS office to be delivered on the scheduled day.  Please do not send anything else to the Bend office as we are not open every day and documents and diagnostics could get into the wrong hands.  If you have any question as to how and where to send records, please contact Lisa Belt 541-420-4742.


IMOS payments should be sent to: 


21135 Limestone Ave

Bend, OR 97703

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